@aral Same applies for basically every google CDN integration. They also explicitly don't provide any API or version guarantees to "be free in moving forward". Whatever that means.

@masstransitkrow Hey Eric, sorry about that, VPS crashed for some reason and wouldn’t come back online then did (nothing in the logs so assuming it was an infrastructure issue). Back now :)

@masstransitkrow Just got confirmation that it was hardware failure :)

@aral wonder if it was a G----- SSD, like it was when Discord went down earlier last year.

I've heard rumors that some SSDs are cheapening their components on purpose, which could affect their reliability.

@aral this is worrisome. I already reject the concept of external CDNs on 365stops.org and this is kinda why.

I'm very pleased with my design but I will continue to improve it anyways.

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