Regardless of what you think of Julian Assange, this is a welcome win for press freedom and human rights. I hope he is released post haste, can return to his family, and can claim compensation from all involved governments for his inhumane treatment.

@aral I agree. Same as Kim Dotcom & Susie Dawson in New Zealand, the govts involved overreached and abused their power in pursuit of individuals who were out of their moral & legal jurisdictions, and with no regard nor accountability for the harm they caused.

@aral Absolutely. Now that the extradition has been denied, there is no credible reason to keep him imprisoned (if there ever was).

According to the reports and quotes we've seen, its actually a massive loss for #PressFreedom. The only thing that stopped the judge from extraditing him is apparently #JulianAssange's #mentalHealth. And that she felt the US system would struggle to protect him from 'committing suicide'.


No real #justice here.

#fakeJustice #fakeCharges #fakeWinForPressFreedom

@aral A win for press freedom? He wasn't extradited because of his mental health. Not because of press freedom.
A win for human rights? Yes, I agree.

@aral I don't have an strong opinion on this guy but the link you shared compare him with Epstein in the first sentence for no reason so it's clear what they think about him...

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