@aral Gonna try out @peertube for these at some point? :)

@pettter I’m not sure I have the bandwidth to self-host yet another thing at the moment. Once we have a simple workflow and more time I might look into it :)

@aral Thanks for this live, it was really cool ! 😃

@Tinerion Hah, thank you. We’re just getting our feet wet but we’re enjoying it :)

@aral @laura Enjoyed the Stream today. Place seems interesting -- my interest is in interactive multiuser games/experiences, and so the event-stream model (??) is pretty cool sounding... Looking forward to reading/hearing more about it.

@jos @laura Neat. Looking forward to speaking more about it ;) Once there’s more to it, would be great to hear your thoughts on that use case :)

Tried static generators, didn't enjoy any of them and reverted to _very_ simple html and css. Is the web site compliant with W3C validators and accessibility guidance?

Any plans to use the recent peertube version3 with live broadcast functionality?

@aral I managed to get it to load finally getting around all sorts of various wierdness that happens due to using a minimal browser as my primary (: (Had to switch to firefox, etc)

And came in right as you were talking about whether you were live or not, so... all good (:

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