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Next live stream: Free and Open Education with Pine64 and elementary OS

We’ll be joined by Nicolas Vivant, CIO of the city of Fontaine, who oversaw the deployment of 200+ elementary OS PCs and Debian servers in schools. Our other guests are Cassidy James Blaede (elementary OS), Lukasz Erecinski (Pine64), and Pernille Tranberg (Data Ethics EU).

Thursday, Jan 14, 2021 – 5PM Cork (UTC +0) / 12PM NY (UTC -5) / 9AM SF (UTC -8)

This is happening today – join us :)👆

@aral Really good to see @elementary getting some exposure in here, they're more than worth it.

@aral looking forwards to joining this evening. Where I work, I sent around this open letter put forwards by CONSTANT vzw:

But wasn't able to have many conversations on the subject. I also find that the Digital Solidarity Network's approach has huge value:

@colm Will check them out (first link is 404 for me)


Sugar, don't know why that 404 might be, alternatively, the early form letter is on p. 89 of this publication:

@aral ... "CIO of the city of Fontaine..."

I believe I read a complaint, somewhere last week, about the CEO of a city in the US. This... seems... like a related concept. Suddenly the 'CEO' of a city or county seems much less US Capitalist Dystopia Disaster and more "something that occurs elsewhere, and may be quite common."

how very... thought provoking and likely something I should put away in the back of my mind for a rainy day when I have no projects. (read: HA yeah not happening)

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