Blake2b or not 2b.

(I’m sorry, it’s been a long day.)

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@aral I'm assuming you're rolling hashes there ... have you seen blake3 ? I haven't nutted it all out but it looks like a merkle tree got mixed up in the hash algorithm and would be great for streamy sharey things. Also, the SIMD & multithreaded algorithms are *crazy* fast.

@dch Thanks. Currently using it in a very limited fashion to hash a salt to avoid possible dictionary attacks. Aware of blake3 but I don’t really see a need for it for what we have (what little we have) at the moment :) Will keep it in mind. Currently, I’m just trying to get a minimum cryptographic toolset, as small as possible, shared between Node.js and browser that can do Ed25519/X25519. On the client I also need scrypt to derive the keys from a diceware passphrase.

@aral aah yep blake3 is not quite what you need for that. interested to hear what the smallest practical library for this ends up being!

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