Snowpack v3.0.5 is out now as a soft-launch on npm. Release announcement reportedly coming tomorrow. Could mean we have some SvelteKit news soon too (as it uses the new JavaScript API in Snowpack 3).

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@aral ya have some inside-infos about SvelteKit, or just guessing ? 😬

@Miaourt Just guessing. I know they’re working closely together so it was clear there wouldn’t be a SvelteKit release before Snowpack 3. Of course, it could be another month or a year but something tells me they’ll wait long enough not to steal Snowpack’s thunder.

@aral Well, let's hope they manage something cool \o/

I tends to grow afraid of the huge nodejs + every thousands lines of codes needed to maintain such tiny scripts

Also, Javascript kinda evolved a lot since the apparition of Frameworks or even compilers like Svelte, I think there some ideas that could be made that doesn't depends on huge toolkits like that... (like tagged template literals)

I don't recommend that for now but I'm curious to explore a "npm-less" way of doing :blobcatUwu:, wonrking on bare quickjs, browsers or

@aral cool! SvelteKit is exciting as Svelte alternative to Next.js (React). Btw, are you aware of Blitz.js? If so what do you think? It’s built on top of Next.js + Prisma.js to give much easier management of sql databases from CLI and front-end. So probably the first real full-stack JS. It removes the need of extra API work for data fetching and mutations. I am pretty sure SvelteKit will want to move to a similar direction. Almost every online service needs data, auth etc.

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