Join us and our guests live on Small Is Beautiful today (in just under an hour and a half) to talk about ways we can prevent the Googleification of schools. How can we encourage free and open ethical alternatives instead of normalising surveillance capitalism for the next generation?

(Have your webcam/mic/headphones ready if you want to join the stream or ask a question. We’ll give out the studio URL during the stream.)

@laura @aral This battle is very different at universities than at k-12 schools. At k-12 schools, the admins & low-tech teachers /push/ #Google onto students in the most imposing way. The problem is wholly with the staff. In universities it's the complete opposite. It's mostly the students who push for #MACFANG & the staff simply accommodates.

@aral @laura The k-12 fight is the most difficult. If a parent in the US claims that the school forcing #Google usage is a violation of the students #FERPA privacy rights, the school and the dept. of education simply ignores them. Even if they could be convincing, the cost of training teachers to do it right competes for a scarce resource: money.

@laura @aral The university fight is more about getting students to stop clinging to oppressive technology. It seems like that should be easy but that crowd has already been ruined and they're already set in their ways. Some of them don't want learning linux to compete for their attention.

@aral Googleification of schools is my new (least) favourite term...

@aral Is there a Mastodon method for "quote retweet"?!

@aral If education used Nextcloud, YUNoHost and other localized technologies instead of Google. That might be a good first step.
Also: If educations have the funding they should Invest in projects similar to Freedombox that tries to make small, personal servers that are easy to setup.

If every student can get their own mini-server, has easy access to it and can install office software that also collaborate with other students and their mini-servers... Then no need for Google.

@aral Also: Whenever old windows computers start to slow down. Don't buy new chromebooks for the school. Try and install some form of Linux distro on them. You can prolong the life og old computers and save money while teaching students about open source.

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