The only “ethical AI” for personal data is free and open AI that runs on your own devices where you own and control it. The only “ethical AI” for communal data is free and open AI owned and controlled by us all. AI/data owned and controlled by corporations is unethical to begin with.

I'd allow for one exception, which is corporate AI working on data generated by that corporation, not from users of their "platform".

In the industrial world, there's actually decent ways to work even with (corporate) customer data. Some turbine manufacturers offer realtime monitoring of their turbines, but the customer is owning the data. Manufacturer sees how their designs perform in RL, customer gets info on how their use pattern affects maintenance, but that's about it.

@Mr_Teatime Yeah, that’s fine. Also not an area I care about :) (I seriously have zero interest in the corporate world.)

That's fine, too -- but I still find it interesting to know that there *are* arrangements where a company processes user data, without claiming ownership and shady bullshit we're used to seeing, and it's even mutually beneficial -- Just not between companies and individuals.

The same thing in private customer land is Tesla taking ownership of customer data, and Volkswagen claiming all data hoovered from electric cars which they sell was rightfully theirs, not their customers'.

@Mr_Teatime @aral Are there articles or posts expanding on this account of ethical AI?

@aral I had one of these for a while, it worked really good. I was able to track 14 cars on a video stream simultaneously using a board no bigger than a raspberry pi

@Moon Clearly Google and ethical cannot be uttered in the same breath without the greatest of irony.

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