Small is Beautiful – live stream – starts in half an hour: a meta look at our live streaming setup 🤓

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@aral @laura just arrived with Aral shouting at Siri and Tim Cook 😂

@adamprocter @aral @laura
He he me too.. Apple's captureware not working in an otherwise open ocean of connectivity

@aral .. was reading about your philosophy or better yet vision ... nice ... have to run, will read more later ~

@aral @laura
Thanks for livestreaming!
I have a very dumb question - was this here a/the place to type messages to you whilst you were on air?

@martinjd if you follow the url that was on the screen, you can join the studio. There’s a private chat there, but you can also join with a camera and mic. Though perhaps in the future I should keep social media open so I can catch questions on here! cc @aral

@martinjd @laura Only in the studio. Please feel free to join us at the URL we had on screen next time :)

@aral @laura

Thanks both..
Um, here's another dumb one (sorry!).. the switchyard URL on the screen - was there an "actionable" one (clickable somewhere/somehow)?

@aral Great Video, really ❤️ 🤩 😎 🙏

@aral enjoyed learning about your setup, very cool! What does @laura use for lighting? It's fantastic. Lighting is what I struggle with the most.

@tobykurien I was struggling a lot yesterday because the stream was at sunset! Mostly just the room light (it’s quite bright), and a couple of table lamps. Sometimes the table lamp on my right side is a bit too strong, so I even it out with a little Manfrotto camera light (with a warm filter) that Aral bought for tv interviews years ago attached to a random tripod! @aral

@tobykurien I have issues with being over-exposed/washed-out by too much monitor light, so yesterday I put a red wallpaper on my big monitor’s desktop, and only used half the screen for the browser, so the (low budget!) effect was a warmer light. @aral

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