Heads up: short live stream in about 5 minutes to give you a technical development update on Place/Small Web/etc. Will give studio link also if you have questions, thoughts, etc.

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@aral Even though I try to avoid Javascript and stick to static pages when I can help it, I must admit that Svelte did look very cool in your demo.

@aral Great vid as always, please put the stream link somewhere, I came 22 Min. to late due to the hassle😅

@nemo Just hit – recording is there but I think I need to add a placeholder image :)

@aral I get that you really like svelete but all of that can be accomplished with just plain webcomponents and it still remains fun and simple (I did a talk about it:

Anyway, is Place going to require JavaScript to run? Like the content won't appear if js is disabled? I would prefer that js is used to progressively enhance a site. I always imagined 'small web' to mean that it would be able to run in w3m in a terminal.

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