Hey devs,

Wanna be good little surveillance capitalists? Start by embedding Google’s tracking devices on your sites and apps. Some good ones to start with include Google Analytics, Google Sign-In and YouTube videos.

Alphabet, Inc. thanks you for your services.

@aral and use Google Tag Manager, so that they can track who else you're allowing to track your users. win-win-win.

@aral I have tried to blog google analytics at the /etc/hosts level.

@aral Don't forget fonts. Gotta know what typefaces the internet is using.

@bob @aral
And don't forget captchas!
The users who don't get pissed off and leave can be free mechanical turks for goog!

@aral and of course the all time favorite ReCaptcha

@aral Problem is, even "good" FLOSS providers use this crap. What the hell are they thinking?

See my short collection here:

#gafam #surveillancecapitalism

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