We don’t need Smart Cities, we need Smart Citizens.

@sl007 Coincidence. Also: Masters of what now? Ridiculous people! *smh*


There is an incredible diversity of the audience !!!

You posted it exactly in the minutes they talked about Smart Cities.

btw: In the network breaks you are connected by random to another person.
It is chaos and chaos is good.

@sl007 It’s clear from the speakers who they’re listening to and what it’s about. Nothing about that lineup makes me want to have anything to do with that event.


Ah, I see. I thought so too.
And I am _only_ impressed about some attendees like ordinary Internet users from (really) all over the world. Did not expect it either.
Of course Agree to the “lineup”. Just: for me it is like every connection of NGOs, Civil Society and Open Source / Open Protocol people _might_ help.


Any system that's reliant on better humans is bound for failure.

@aral ai does not have an ethics problem - humanity has a mortality problem!

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