When humanity was a child, it was cruel but at least limited in its destructive capabilities. Now humanity is an adolescent, it is still cruel but with few limitations to constrain it. It remains to be seen whether we can clean up our act, reform our habits, and reach adulthood.

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I kind of feel like people already have and have been doing so for all of human history. Humanity itself is not hopelessly prone to utterly destroying and exploiting its environment, the modern capitalist, colonialist global system is.

I mean, that is what the vast majority of indigenous cultures have always been about preventing and most of them did a damn good job of it until colonialism and capitalism brutally stole most of the land on earth.

In my opinion it's naive to think human nature can be changed.

@aral What makes you think an "adult" humanity would be any different? Can "humanity" as collection of individuals really act as a person? I don't think concepts like freedom of will and personal growth translate well between these systems.

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