So this happened:

And you can watch it unfold live on the recording of today’s S’update :)

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Direct link to the exact time where I find out live that a company will rather remove the word “ethical“ from how they describe themselves on their site than stop enabling Facebook and Google to track and profile you:

@aral Protip: Use DDG,
!wayback URL
will take you right to the wayback page for a URL.

@mdhughes @aral or in firefox add a bookmark `*/%s` and fill in a keyword. For instance `wb` Then you can write `wb URL` in the address bar and it will go there.

@aral @mdhughes bookmark keywords always a hit 😜

It's too simple for mozilla to take credit for.

Cuts out of the loop, but they don't really have a place in it. (also, DDG a meta search engine)

@jasper @mdhughes @aral those keywords are getting demolished, sadly. mobile firefox removed support a few months back
( - closed with no fix, pointing us at desktop decision)
and desktop firefox really has no clue how powerful this is and will make this to be search engines in the future.
( )

@claudius @mdhughes @aral _maybe_ it will be demolished? Hopefully not..

Don't get the "doesn't belong in bookmarks" argument though just do a sql search and show them next to the regular search stuff.

@jasper @mdhughes @aral well many people were raising concerns, many posted how they used the feature. The planned UI is mainly for search engines. Furthermore it seems to only work for a handful of these (but I have 20+ keywords!). Also so far no user-facing way of entering own things into that list has materialised. The word "demolished" wasn't chosen lightly. On mobile my workflow is very much broken already. I was using keywords heavily there as well.

@jasper This never worked for me in Firefox specifically for since %s will barf on full URLs (though I probably never tried just using a hostname)...

@mdhughes @aral too bad I have switched to start page. Was seeing lot of request on my #pihole before even submitting a query with #ddg for the mobile app. Can't trust them anymore now they are blacklisted as well as the #Mozilla telemetry and other craps.

@feyn @aral That's probably just autocomplete? You can turn it off on the website, I don't use the mobile apps but they probably have the setting, too. Alas, Safari's address bar can't turn it off, but I usually expect privacy out of Apples and DDG.

@mdhughes @aral I would love to believe that as well but I can't. But I still believe in the 6 colors.

@feyn @aral @mdhughes If you bookmark "" and make the keyword "wb", then you can write "wb<space>" before an URL & it will automatically grab the archive of a page. This is better than DDG, which should be avoided: And if you search via, you get a cached and proxied link for every result.

@poujolrost Not to mention the poor sods who’re getting tracked, profiled, and manipulated.


I just dipped into Mastodon and caught this.

Thank you, much smiling along,

Don't chill!

Driving a carload of people you care about around in the darkness requires the lights to be on, right?

@aral this is so good 😂 live as well your reaction is awesome (will watch whole video when I get a mo - always miss your live short ones, will be on tomorrow for sure

@aral Browsing hundreds fo sites a day, i think to myself, the percent of true ethical sites (no trackers, fingerprintig, shady GDPR forms, etc...) is may be 1-2. Even worse - most of articles about privacy are in media that doesn't respect one itself.

@aral Annoying that the timecode doesn't work on the Mastodon embed.

(Also, I find it a bit odd that your accent sounds American, yet you pronounce the letter "o" in "Beyonk" correctly; most American accents go with "ah" or "or" instead of "o". Sorry if that's a bit personal).

@aral congrats with the breakthrough! A good reminder to focus on the very core solution first.

Btw, small tip to search quicker on twitter. Just type to search "from:aral [keyword]". You are welcome! ;)

@aral one question came up today watching today’s S’update:)

If the idea of Place is to completely decentralize the communication between nodes (Sites) how do we ensure the privacy, knowing that the data still have to travel through someones wires, routers, and ISPs. Is that where 100% encryption come into place? How secure is it? Or the communication is more of a public thing? And in that case power is in owning the nodes. Just curious!

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