If you missed today’s live stream of Small is Beautiful with Paul Frazee (with a surprise appearance by @w3bk3rn3l) on CTZN and decentralised social networking, the recording is up on

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@aral I missed your stream today but watched the recorded version. It's pretty interesting what you guys are striving to achieve.

@matharoo Thanks. It feels good to be starting to make progress again after a frustrating few weeks :)

@aral About the question from Paulo for getting it to more users - people generally don't like to type commands (except for some us). I was thinking if there was an web UI to:
- register for a vps
- pay for the vps
- install Site.js/Place with 1 click
- when logged in can let the user manage content and everything
- optionally offer to donate

Or if that's too centralized, what about a GUI program that can do the above? Maybe we can have API in Site.js/Place that can help in that.

@adnan360 That’s exactly what we’re building with Basil (the small web hosting client) and what will be running at If you can, join the S’update live stream I’m about to do at (about to announce it) where I’m going to talk about it (or you can catch the recording later) :) It’ll also be free and open source and I hope others will host at other domains also. Right now, it’s not even ready for other devs. Then it’ll go devs → everyone :)

@aral Sounds super cool I've been following the dev of Beaker and DAT for a while now. Btw, you should use Peertibe instead of Vimeo :). Feel free to use our instance - we also stream there our video-cast (tromcast)… and livestreaming works perfectly fine. Seems easier for anyone to follow you on Peertube + is "smalltech" :)
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