Folks who have security because they work at surveillance capitalists, to me, a person living precariously on the last of their personal funds while working to create alternatives to it: “not everyone has the privilege to not work at a surveillance capitalist, y’know!”

@aral stash cash and stay secure... life's not fair, we should do the best we can to prepare against it

@aral Some of them seem to live in a RV in the parking lot because they can't afford a $9,000/mo rent.

@aral Let's give all our pity to such poor and unfortunate souls who simply could not resist the very persistent head hunters from corporate HR.

The ultimate argument is, I think: "You're just jealous."

P.S.: If you can read French you may enjoy the Henry Viard's book Rira Bien Qui Mourra Le Dernier. (I cannot find any English edition...)


Jack Gillum of ProPublica:
“NEW: Internal Facebook emails show how it backed Turkey’s request to block the page of an adversary — or risk getting shut down entirely.”

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