If you missed our Small is Beautiful live stream with David Heinemeier Hansson today, the recording is now available to watch at

@aral This was really good... it has taken me a couple of hours to listen to the whole thing... but good to listen to. Thanks again for sharing.

@aral Thx. Great one. Hope that will introduce family option (and pricing) so that I can afford it.

@aral Great interview, interesting to hear from someone who could well have gone down the Silicon Valley path and steered well clear of it

@ben Thanks, Ben; glad to hear you enjoyed it :)

@aral This was a fantastic discussion, so many well articulated and important points by everyone. Thanks for making it happen!

@aral Thank you Aral and Laura. You know I'm nodding my head the whole time I'm watching this and it makes me sad that so few of the people I talk to get what I mean. To echo what DHH said, I've been in this tech business for 24 years and I ask myself way too often why I'm still here. I'm tired. I'm fed up of the tech culture, the rock star developer myth, the lack of ethical work choices. Choosing small tech options is so damn hard, and most people have no idea, not least of which lawmakers.

@aral A few years ago I started asking young people if there are companies they would refuse to work at. And it's been startling to see the quizzical look in their eyes. The dream is big tech, big name on my resume, and you know what, maybe they weren't even born for web 1.0 so they have no idea that a world like that can exist. We have to keep talking about it. I'm grateful for the work people like DHH, Jason, Laura and you do. Because honestly it's such an uphill battle and it's exhausting.

@aral And Laura, absolutely, the number of times I've seen the "accessibility is just labeling things!" We all hear it all the time because people have no idea. Software development is the easiest profession to get into that has the most possibly far reaching impact. It's exactly the opposite of a surgeon. For them, every single decision and move they make has to be exactly right the first time. In software, we can code whatever crap we want and fix it later. This is dangerous.

@aral And when it comes to making money, somehow we lost sight along the way that there's nothing wrong with running an apple pie business and being happy selling 50 pies a week if that's all you need. I've never understood the infinite growth mentality. Nor why being a serial entrepreneur should be seen as a good thing. Nor why your grandma needs an account on Facebook to see photos of the grandkids. That's not the web. It's opposite of it. I hope our future will be different.

@aral Another interesting aspect is, of people who are aware of what's going on, way too many have given up. They know the shit that goes on, the privacy implications, the monetization of their information, but they use it anyway. They give in. People feel powerless to fight this. The propaganda is powerful.

@aral It's like my water heater company that plasters everywhere how renting is better because imagine all the money you'll have to spend if you own your own water heater and, gasp, it breaks. 😱 Well, imagine if you're not on Facebook and all the photos of the grandkids are only posted there. Oh noes! It's the only choice! What a crazy world we live in. Sorry about the rant. It's your fault. 😄

@aral Thank you, @laura, Aral and David for this #inspiring interview! ❤️ You've mentioned so many good points. #Society needs more minds like you!

Regarding the format: I really liked the zooming in on the faces, when e.g. the person was just smiling from what have been said. Great attention to detail!👍

#SmallIsBeautiful #SmallTech #EthicalDesign

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