A world where we don’t trust anyone and where everything is a monetary transaction is a world, in the words of Oscar Wilde, that knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

In case you’re wondering, “fuck blockchain” is what I’m saying.


I recently had to learn about utility tokens and security tokens because a local farm e-commerce platform has been developed which centers on securitization using blockchain. Seems like the goal is to convert every relationship and activity into a liquid asset to be traded, in this case Community Supported Agriculture!

@aral be fair, "transaction" there has always been used more along the lines of a database transaction

@aral reminded me of a Wilde quote I loved as a teen:

No crime is vulgar, but all vulgarity is crime. Vulgarity is the conduct of others.

Excuse me, new here, why the dislike for blockchain as a tool?

@SyntaxError Because 99% of it is one right-libertarian destroy the environment and get-rich quick scheme or other. And most of the remaining 1% of valid use cases can mostly be better served without the need for global proofs. “Blockchain” is a vapid wasteland of douchebags with laser eyes as far as I’m concerned and I’d rather have nothing to do with that brand (I have nothing against Merkle trees, or DAGs or public-key cryptography but I like my decentralisation topologically decentralised.)

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