sudo rm -rf /System/Applications/

rm: /System/Applications/ Operation not permitted

If sudo <command> results in an “Operation not permitted” error, it’s not your computer.

PS. Dear fediverse, no need to suggest alternatives, my daily driver is a StarLabs LabTop running @elementary and I dev cross-platform/web apps that I need to test on macOS and Windows also. Thank you.

@aral You need to disable SIP to screw around in System.

It's your computer, but they made it more difficult to fuck it up completely.


@mdhughes Ah, right, and I guess it was just an arbitrary decision – nothing monopolistic at all – to put under System while, say, Numbers and Pages are happy to live in /Applications… so if I want to delete an app that brings Apple revenue, I need to actively render my system unsafe to do it. (Not going to try it because I’m not even sure it won’t actually fuck something else up on this damned machine.)

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@aral I've disabled SIP (temporarily), it's fine. It is obnoxious that News is there instead of Applications, but it's not unremovable.

@mdhughes Well, clearly, given that it’s apparently not even installed on Macs in jurisdictions where it’s not supported :)

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