Ooh, we just received our first Nano donation (~1 $NANO) at Small Technology Foundation :)

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And another… this keeps up and we’ll be set for the year ;)

Yay, thank you all for the kind $NANO donations for Small Technology Foundation this morning :)

@aral congrats, I guess.. is nano in the category 'better-cryptocurrency-that-i-can-trust' ?

@humanetech It’s ecologically friendly and seems to have a friendly dev community (I haven’t run into any laser eyes). So I’m dipping my toes in :)

@aral oh, that's interesting. I didn't add nano to delightful-funding list, because concerns for the well-known blockchain downsides.

I might reconsider, and create a category for them. But these projects can be hard to gauge in terms of BS vs. actual good stuff.

@humanetech Yep. One of the main criteria should be whether or not it is ecologically sound. If it uses proof of work mining, for example, that’s an immediate disqualification. Beyond that, I’d look at the community. If you see a bunch of laser eyes, Always , or Elon Musk fanbois, turn around and don’t look back :)

@aral I experienced some weird things with Nano unfortunatelly. Tried sending few times to my own account and (little) money went missing still until now.

@aral May I ask why the choice to accept Nano and not one of the many other cryptos? Hadn't heard of nano before.

@johanbove A few reasons: it doesn’t use proof-of-work mining, everyone gets their own directed acyclic graph (DAG) – which topologically gels with the concept of Small Web, for example, where everyone has their own node/keys (and could, if they wanted to host their DAG, etc.) And, finally, their community doesn’t seem to be full of laser eyes. It didn’t immediately repel me when I looked into it. Saw folks trying to make useful tools to actually use the currency.

@aral @johanbove
Ever heard about a similar proof-of-stake coin called Tezos? Not sure if it's as Small-Web-friendly as Nano, but maybe you want to investigate

@csolisr @johanbove I did. Their community is a bunch of laser eyes and Always Trumpers. No thank you :)

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