Ooh, we just received our first Nano donation (~1 $NANO) at Small Technology Foundation :)


And another… this keeps up and we’ll be set for the year ;)


Yay, thank you all for the kind $NANO donations for Small Technology Foundation this morning :)


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@aral I experienced some weird things with Nano unfortunatelly. Tried sending few times to my own account and (little) money went missing still until now.

@aral May I ask why the choice to accept Nano and not one of the many other cryptos? Hadn't heard of nano before.

@johanbove A few reasons: it doesn’t use proof-of-work mining, everyone gets their own directed acyclic graph (DAG) – which topologically gels with the concept of Small Web, for example, where everyone has their own node/keys (and could, if they wanted to host their DAG, etc.) And, finally, their community doesn’t seem to be full of laser eyes. It didn’t immediately repel me when I looked into it. Saw folks trying to make useful tools to actually use the currency.

@aral @johanbove
Ever heard about a similar proof-of-stake coin called Tezos? https://tezos.com/ Not sure if it's as Small-Web-friendly as Nano, but maybe you want to investigate

@csolisr @johanbove I did. Their community is a bunch of laser eyes and Always Trumpers. No thank you :)

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