My tracker blocker should be all your site needs to know that I do not consent to your tracking. Blocking it should be illegal.

Any “data protection law” worth its salt would mandate that unless consent is communicated on every request without prompting, consent does not exist.

I wish this was configured in the browser, natively, not as an extension, I should be able to specify my privacy policy and almost invisibly websites should be confronted to it and act accordingly.
These pseudo consent cookies or tracking "consent" is a nuisances to the web, it's digital pollution and waste of time. My browser should know it and treat the websites I visit accordingly.

@aral @rmdes There was "do not track" HTTP header, its "success" being a brilliant example how "the industry regulates itself".

@aral Hmm it is bad enough having to accept cookies most of the time you have no choice

cookies: deny all
extensions: i don't care about cookies
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