This DuckDuckGo audit by @purism is a sobering read:

Remember that DuckDuckGo is venture capital-funded which means that they must exit—either become a publicly-traded multi-billion-dollar company (sell to the public) or sell to one of the incumbents.

(What we need is a publicly-funded but independently run search engine. The EU could create such a thing… if they didn’t have they heads firmly entrenched up Silicon Valley’s bumhole.)

HT @koherecoWatchdog

@aral @purism @koherecoWatchdog Ah well guess might as well go back to Google or Bing or something...nah I'll just stick with DDG as a good alternative.

@koherecoWatchdog @hankg @purism All that diagram shows me is what a shitshow of non-choices we live in. *smh*

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@aral @purism @hankg,, are good choices for novice users. The single best search engine for advanced users is Ss (clearnet:; tor: searxes.nmqnkngye4ct7bgss4bmv5ca3wpa55yugvxen5kz2bbq67lwy6ps54yd.onion)

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