Want to know if your tracker blocker is working?

Go to

If it’s in colour, you’re blocking Google.

If it’s in black and white, you’re being tracked by Google.

PS. It’s in colour with @better ;) (

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@better PS. If you’re not on iOS/macOS, you can still use Better’s blocking rules on other platforms via apps like uBlock Origin.

Add the blocking rules from

(I’d recommend not mixing it with other ad/tracking lists although malware/spyware lists should be fine)

@better PPS. We don’t have as fine-grained control over the EasyList formatted version so more sites may break when compared to the WebKit content blocking rules.

@better PPPS. Looks like National Rail have removed their greyscale filter so everyone can see the site in colour again.

@aral @better What would i need to do to see it in black and white? It's in color even when i use unmodded Chrome on macOS.

@tauli @better (But they were basically injecting a filter: grayscale(100%) into the opening html tag.)

@aral @better Where to check now if my tracker blocker is working or not? 'coz mentioned website got back to normal.

@orionholmes @better If you’re on Safari, the best place is to open up the developer console. I wish Apple gave us a better way to report that but they don’t and they’ve been aware of the feature request for years.

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