If you care about social justice, the time to say no is when they try to lift you up on a pedestal. Every time. Because the pedestal is incompatible with the kind of world you want to live in. And you most definitely do not seek it or cling onto it if you already made the mistake of saying yes.

@aral I think this is an important message to internalize. Similarly, with money, there is a ceiling on what someone "deserves" to earn. Anything beyond that is just funneling other people's fortunes into your own.

It isn't strictly a zero sum game, but hoarding power/money will way too often negatively impact other people.

@taoeffect Do you immediately think "SJW" when you read “social justice?”

I usually find that folks who call people “SJWs” have a problem with social justice in general.

@aral In context of your recent tweets about Stallman, yes that’s what came to mind.

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