Bitcoin (and proof of work mining in general) is a crime against humanity.

@aral lack of carbon-taxing is a crime against humanity, not what you do with your electricity.

@AstaMcCarthy How did it become “your” electricity, exactly?

@aral Either if you generate it yourself, or if you buy it from an energy company (or better, buy it from your local energy cooperation)

mining cryptocurrency to pay for it? :-)
same deal as hiring workers to own the surplus value they produce, I suppose

@aral @AstaMcCarthy Bitcoin people always try to push responsibility onto someone else. Carbon taxing, aka "cap and trade", is a failed neoliberal idea from the 1990s.

Everytime BTC goes up, lol.

Get with the future, Aral.

Trade embargoes against environmental abusers are brewing. Australia is facing embargoes, forcing us to think differently about energy and to move away from fracking and #coal etc.

Also the existing monetary system is more abusive dangerous, growthy etc.

Every. Time. Aral.

Don't be a metronome.
@aral @AstaMcCarthy

@AstaMcCarthy @aral I'm always a huge fan of forcing poor people to choose between heat and food while not affecting rich people at all.

They can just sit back and think about their crime of being poor. Maybe they'll make the moral choice and die of starvation or freezing and help save the planet! That way the clearly morally superior rich and powerful people can have more to consume without the poors getting in the way!

#environmentalism #dotherightthing

I agree on the need for a carbon tax -- but that can't be the whole solution. Suchca tax can be trivial to pay forn those who are rich, and a huge burden for those who have little. But we need to reduce emissions where possible, so why should the rich be able to buy the right to produce more CO2 for fun?

Maybe a progressive tax? The more electricity you use the more expensive it becomes. That should limit the excesses -- at least for private households.

@aral True. Is there an overview of coins and their proof-methods (co2 footprint) somewhere? I want to invest in nature-friendly solutions. I think Cardano is such example.

@ruud I don’t know but I’ve been playing with Nano recently. But as a currency, not to invest.

@ruud @aral check out
It uses proof of space (storing large cryptographic proofs to solve lookup challenges) and proof of time (verifiable delay functions). Founded by the creator of bittorrent. Mainnet just recently launched.

shall we design a cryptocurrency based on proof of human labor, captcha-like tasks that computers can't do efficiently?

I think, maybe I am wrong but #ETHereum is differet, it is proof of stack.

@janci It’s not. They’re “in the process” of moving to proof-of-stake. It’s currently based on proof-of-work mining, just like Bitcoin.

Capitalism (and profit over propriety) is a crime against humanity


Huh, Talking about the Energy usage Vast majority of Crypto uses renewable green energy Normally, Hydro as it is very cheap

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