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Developers, it’s time for you to choose a side: will you help rid the web of privacy-invading tracking or be complicit in it?

@ton “Sites which interest cohorts will be calculated on

All sites with publicly routable IP addresses that the user visits when not in incognito mode will be included in the POC cohort calculation.”

The confusion here appears to be:

1. Whether visiting your site is used to profile people
2. Whether your site actually makes use of cohort data via the JS call

The above quote says to me that the profiling occurs unless the site opts out.


@ton That said, the ambiguity itself works in Google’s favour, not to mention that its implementation will, of course, be in line with its business model.

What I don’t understand from the original document is where it links a web site requesting the cohort data via the JavaScript API with people only being profiled for having visited that site if that JavaScript API is used.

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@aral @ton A site being included during cohort calculation can alter the generated cohort identifier. The cohort identifier adds some uniqueness to a user's fingerprint (the EFF estimates up to 15 bits of entropy).

Being excluded from cohort calculation has a chance to change a user's cohort ID Having a different cohort ID may or may not end up reducing the entropy of a user's fingerprint.

This is, IMO, one of the worst things about FLoC. The only winning moves seem to be to not track users and to not use Chrome.
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