Privacy isn’t just about whether some corporation has your raw data or not. If your own device is tracking your behaviour & profiling you to open you up to being manipulated by corporations, that is also a violation of your privacy. Brave and Apple violate your privacy by proxy.

I thought that Brave browser was doing pretty good in this sense, but I must have missed something... It seems to me that every solution that comes up is not really a solution, but maybe just a little improvement. It's like you move from one software to another and then you discover that this software you just started to use is not as good as you thought so you look for another one and then you repeat, again and again...

@kappazeta @aral Brave has a bunch of problems. There's a good list @ but it's older and misses stuff like:

- Eich being an anti-mask, anti-science, COVID-"skeptic" (newer than that blog post).

- Being based on Chromium is bad, as it still gives Google influence* on the web.

(* Not just directly, by driving the engine that the other Chromium-based browsers uses... but also indirectly, such as web developers getting away with not testing on anything other than Chrome.)

@kappazeta @aral Since I ran out of room in the previous message, here's a source for the claim about Eich being anti-science relating to COVID:

@kappazeta @aral And of course, if not Chrome or a Chromium-based browser: What would be the best to use?

Every browser has some sort of issue with being aligned with big corp, but the best of the bunch for privacy and web browser diversity are:

- Mozilla Firefox (+ uBlock Origin)

- WebKit-based browsers, such as GNOME Web (aka: Epiphany) and Apple Safari (+

Next-level privacy would be Tor Browser (based on Firefox), but that's a bit cumbersome for typical daily usage.

I use Firefox with a bunch of blocking add-ons. I was using Brave as a Chromium replacement (mainly for when in need of a chrome based browser) and Tor sometimes (it's not really practical as an everyday browser, as you also pointed out)

@garrett @kappazeta @aral just my two cents, if you can get away without javascript, Lynx is lovely for reading simple HTML.

It's quite nice for static files and loads pretty much instantly.

@garrett @kappazeta @aral
#BrendanEich’s (alleged or real) eccentricities and bigotries are orthogonal to the merits of #Brave wrt #privacy, or lack thereof. (In that vein, I’m surprised you didn’t mention Eich is also anti gay marriage — but of course that’s irrelevant here, too.)

@tripu @kappazeta @aral Did you even read the link I shared before commenting about it?

Just like the author of that blog post, the main issues I have with Brave are mainly at a technical level.

But I also don't care for Eich being its CEO. He has contributed a lot of good for software, but also has been bad toward people.

The leader of a organization represents the organization. It's important. And it's not "alleged". It's all in the public record.

Ah well. 🤷

@tripu @kappazeta @aral But, again, to be extremely clear: Even if Brave wasn't doing all sorts of bad and shady things (and it *is*): It's still a Chromium-based browser.

Using *any* Chromium based browser as your main browser is really bad for the health of the web.

Lots of people using Chrome/Chromium browsers gives way too much power to one company, Google. And they have proven several times they cannot be good stewards.

@aral How Brave? Because of optional ads (rewards)?

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