“Facebook is tracking Australian teenagers online and selling their profiles to alcohol, gambling and smoking advertisers, according to new research…”

, working as designed.

@aral It should be doing this to me instead, I don't do any of those three things... The advertisement industry is such a freakin' bullshit. I still can't believe it works. In a matter of multiple decades, there was *one* product I bought "through an ad", and honestly, the ad was only useful for showing me that such *things* exist in the first place, I did investigate competition in the field first...

@aral that is not a surprise but is pretty terrible. the mass irony in this is the people (who are parents) i’d like that article to reach, are all on facebook.

@aral WHere is the health and safety assessment of facebook? If facebook was a big experiment how far you could go with a society, you'd need one. But of course, it seems it is not an experiment. (Feeling strange to live in a country that owns ca. 1% [??] of FB stocks [or has that changed??] ... while at the same time being obsessed with ethical investments...)

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