To waste through ignorance is forgivable. We’re all guilty of it.

To waste knowingly is a sin.

To design waste into the heart of your system is the sign of a psychopath.

To use, promote, and perpetuate such a system, knowing this, is the domain of shortsighted, greedy assholes.

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@aral this is why capitalism favours sociopaths and psychopaths. What you describe is built into the system and given a nice tidy name: an externality. Only a certain kind of person bubbles to the top in a system like this, and it's generally not the good type.

If you are referring to proof-of-work used by Bitcoin and Ethereum, I believe Bitcoin was an experiment to see if blockchain is a viable way to implement a decentralized currency system.

It use must be stopped because not only experiment is concluded, but also helped us to identify other issues such as excessive power consumption of the mining process.

I don't mind little waste for sale of building better technologies. Problem is when faulty system is set as the default.

To summarize, I support Bitcoin as a proof-of-concept, not as a currency.

I don't support Ethereum either. At least not until they migrate away from proof-of-work to less power hungry system.

That being said, you maybe talking about something entirely different. In that case all I can say is "well, at least now you know where I stand on cryptocurrency".

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