Hmm… so I’ve uncovered the audio sync issue as of late on my S’updates: it has to do with the ATEM Mini Pro.

I have my audio coming in via analog so usually have the mixer set to 4 frames of delay.

That works swell, UNLESS I’m using a chromakey on the ATEM in which case that’s 4 frames of delay too many.

Not great. I can work around it by removing the 4 frame delay as I have the chromakey on all the time for my camera but still…

For my tests, see


Mind you, just had a look at my last stream and the audio difference there seems to be closer to 12 frames (the audio was delayed) so I don’t know where the variance comes from. Not great.

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@gabek @aaronpk Yeah, learned a bunch of stuff about the Atem from watching Aaron’s videos but not sure what this issue is (or why it seems to be raising its head now, when previous streams were fine).

Aaron, have you noticed a difference in audio delay with an analog microphone source on the Atem Mini Pro between having a chroma key active and not?

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