I was wrong, it is possible to “fix the system from within.” So here’s the new plan:

Greta Thunberg, please join ExxonMobil.

Doctors, apply for jobs at Philip Morris.

Pacifists, enrol in the military.

Personally, I will immediately start a new job with six figure pay and stock options at Facebook to help fix privacy.

@aral If you could get into the top strata of Google then you could just politely ask them all not to be evil, while taking a six figure salary, and the job would be done. #sarcasm

@aral What if all the dominance hierarchies got reversed overnight? Greta Thunberg hired as new CEO; old thoughtleaders get to do manual labour as penance for roasting the planet.

@aral Exxon Mobile shareholders get... I don’t know, criminal trials? >.<

@aral ahahah! Yes, but,,, I think I can do more for my town if I engage in local politics

@aral Let's hope that those people still follow their current ideals when they got used to the money flow when they need to make bold business decisions where there's a chance of getting fired.

Well, the same guy who introduced me to "la quadrature du net" worked for Facebook for years . Not sure change happened. ( either in him or the company)

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