Clever: Facebook will let others target you based on intimate details of your life but they don’t want you to know that… I wonder why… 🤔

(Also, I guess this means Signal is no longer being paid by Facebook to work and provide priceless PR for their products.)

@aral #signal was being paid by Facebook? I’m interested to read on this. Do you have a source?

@ilyess @aral for integrating e2ee in whatsapp, I'm guessing

@aral @jboy I don’t think that’s true. The Signal Protocol (different from the #Signal Foundation) was developed by Open Whisper Systems in 2013, and was integrated in Whatsapp late 2014, long before the Signal Foundation and messaging app were born. The specs are also in the public domain so anyone can use them for free.

@ilyess @jboy They publicly partnered with them at the time: (ditto Messenger, Allo) which led to some great PR for Google and Facebook protecting your privacy.

Seems they have a new business model now with their cryptocurrency.

@aral @jboy Yes, that was the same year #whatsapp was acquired by #Facebook. But this doesn't mean that the #signal Foundation is getting paid by Facebook today, right? If you think I'm wrong, please provide sources so I can go read on this :)

The crypto move lately is very controversial and took everyone by surprise. It's still under test in the UK though, so let's see how that ends up.

@aral Thanks for the link. A partnership with Open Whisper to implement the Signal protocol in Facebook's Messenger app is not the same as saying that the Signal Foundation receives payments from Facebook. I think that statement is a bit misleading.

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