Ooh, the new Starbook is out… I got mine not too long ago so can’t possibly justify getting one but if you’re looking, check it out, they’re great. And check out the monster dream configuration I made :)

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@aral Nice! My Thinkpad X1C6 is about 3 years old. Runs fine, no need for an upgrade honestly but the itch is there. I like the look of this laptop.

@aral oh this looks nice! I kinda wish I could order it without some of the parts (so I can carry over things like my current memory, SSD and core to reduce waste on my end) but that coreboot <3

Now you make me struggling...
KDE Slimbook vs Starbook 😱

@aral damn nice... but only uk keyboard; and one year waranty, which besides being illegal in the EU is just too low... damn... still nice :-)

@aral It looks great, but it'd be nice to have some decent GPU options

@aral looks so sleek! I think I'm holding out for the framework laptop personally

@aral Musing about fashion and planned obsolescence..

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