“Lobbying by Poland and Hungary has led to the removal of the phrase ‘gender equality’ from a Friday declaration on advancing social cohesion in the European Union.”

Thank goodness they didn’t try to remove “Single Market” or there would have been a huge uproar.

@aral how the folk in the 21st century is this still a thing?

@dch Because we still fundamentally respect fairy tales as much as facts and because we mostly act out of fear of rocking the boat and because we can be hugely hypocritical when it comes to looking after #1 and because we’ve let a relative handful of psychopaths shape society in their image.

@aral @dch

liked only for truth spoken

boosted because people don't hear things said once very well at all, and messages need sending


@aral ok phew I can relax then, I thought we were being run by craven fools whose only thought was how to summon enough cash to line their pockets and have enough to get re-elected, while destroying the only planet in the known universe with life, let alone sentience. This is so much better.

@dch *hug* I still believe we can make things better. But I’m not discounting the fact that I could be wrong and a fool. The only thing I can guarantee is that I will be naïvely working under that assumption until the day I die (to try and affect the kind of non-predatory society I want to live in where naïveté is the norm and is celebrated instead of ridiculed – and self-serving/preserving hypocrisy is seen as the shortsighted folly it is).

@aral in more news from the EU, Europe reacts to the USA suggestion waiving of Covid vaccine payments with vdL's statement, that this would not create a single innoculation dose, in the short and middle term.


And to think that only 30 years ago Poland and Hungary were the good guys. 😕

@clacke @aral I believe we (in PL) are still good guys. The problem is that minority of bad guys, and passive standing of rest, who don't want to really unite against the bad ones.

@miklo @aral I have known several Hungarian and Polish good guys for sure, sorry for the way I phrased it. The way the two governments are going is really worrying.

@aral As a Pole I can't even describe how infuriating this is...

@mcevnon @aral I mean, yes we really are sometimes. On the other hand, the minister in charge of drug policy can't give a straight answer to the question of why cannabis is illegal. Then there's the bit where the government just so happened to vaccinate the parts of the population most likely to vote for the ruling party, and then apparently stoped caring. You can call it better but you can't call it good.
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