What an amazing post! It really puts the current situation into perspective.

@aral Thank you, Aral, for this very inspiring blog post!❤️

Regarding your juxtaposition of the tobacco industry and surveillance capitalists/ethics washing: Have you seen the documentary "Merchands of Doubt"?
It juxtaposes the tobacco industry of the ~1960s with global coolists. I can highly recommend it:

"[...]making these corporations *socially unacceptable*[...]"(emphasis mine) - you hit the nail on the head!

#SurveillanceCapitalism #MerchantsOfDoubt

@janriemer Thanks, Jan. I believe I’ve heard of it but I haven’t seen it. Will put it on my list. Thank you for the suggestion.

@aral No, Problems :) many people don't know about this, there are even more very funny clips. When you consider that till the 90s a lot of big tobacco corporate I don't know what to call those people even denied that nicotine is addicting.

Always the same story with big businesses… no morals


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10 out of 10 camel sponsored doctors approve that they smoke camels :D hahaha


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@aral There is a very good movie about this you would definitely enjoy it "Thank you for smoking"


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You my friend are the total opposite in a very positive way compared to big business I honestly hope that you and all the folks who walk the same way as you succeed in opposing the big tech realm. David vs. Goliath like, but there is still hope🙏 ❤️ 👍

@aral I meant what I wrote and hope that I will be able to support you and Laura in the future ❤️ 🙏 👍

@nemo Thank you. You’re very kind and your emotional support is support enough :)

@aral I don't want to take your time bro :) it is much better invested in the things which you do. The hard thing for me is to see someone as skilled as you suffer due to the ignorance and the neglect of the masses. Stay well stay swell much love and do your thing Aral 🙏 👍 Over and out 😎

@nemo @aral
My favorite thing from the glory days of smoking is that Kent cigarettes marketed theirs as safer, because they had asbestos filters.

@mathew Hahahah well, this fine Sir is quality gold humour :D
Like the creams which included radioactive materials


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Well if this isn't evil I have no clue what is.


@aral incentives are wrong. If the game is to maximize for $$$, we’ll always end up in situations like this.

@1ll173r47 I agree. It’s capitalism being capitalism. Hence the need to build post-capitalist infrastructure and bridges from here to there. At least that’s what (I think) I’m working on :)


Amazing article. The one you linked about the Nordic privacy arena was also very insightful.

I agree that we need to start saying stuff how they are like surveillance capitalism for google.


Excellent coverage. The Al Pacino / Russell Crowe film, "The Insider" spotlights this sort of 'we love you until we're done with you' M.O. in the corporate ecosystem of the world, when it follows the saga or the once chief scientist of Johnson & Johnson.

Yet some might be mistaken by thinking that this is limited to only a few industries, when it is in fact standard operating procedure for any company (to be fair, they are advised as such to limit their liability) to sever employment on the spot.

Which begs the question... "Why would any employee offer notice when they intend to resign from a position in a company, when it is almost a universal policy to make all terminations immediate when they decide to sever the relationship with any of their employees?"

To that I insist, that people should always do unto company's as they would do unto you, with the words, "Effective immediately" in the body of any resignation notice they provide to their respective employers.

It just makes sense - but....

Do make sure you've actually started on staff with your next job first ;)

Again, Great article, thanks for posting!

#tallship #Vger #HR #employment #AI #Google #ABC #lucky_strikes #camel_cigarettes #termination #resignation

@tallship Thanks :) And yeah, it’s definitely not just in tech. (Regarding employees and termination notices, I’m assuming it’s contractual obligations and the power differential between individuals and corporations.)

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