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“Going forward, I will no longer be checking Twitter or responding on it … I plan to concentrate as much of my time and energy as possible on building the Small Web.”

@aral What took you so long to make this decision?

PS: There's no pleasing some people!

@aral Be prepared for the automated "We missed you" messages..


one of your links:

another that calls the people who use are used by his service “dumb fucks?”

links to the article itself, rather than to one I suspect is about Zuckerberg. :)

@FiXato @aral
Came here to mention that too, but I'm assuming it's Musk, not The Zuck.

Hi @aral I found this the other day, and still can't decide if it's worth checking or not...

@cybeardjm Oh my, blockchain + Google + Facebook + … yeah, no thanks :)


Thanks Aral.

Tweetdeck is still not an algorithmic feed yet, for what it's worth.

Not that I wanna drag you back to Twitter. Well done on junking it.

@aral The "dumb fucks" link is incorrect (it point to the blogpost).

@aral This is wise. Rather than getting into pointless fights on the hell site, focus on the things you can change and promoting them instead.

I am still on Twitter. Heck, I am still on Facebook. But I don't do much with those sites anymore, and mostly avoid any sort of interaction there. Twitter is ok for observing what's happening in the wider world beyond twee techie land. It's not ok for having any kind of sensible discussion/debate about anything. I usually describe it as being a highly combative environment, and it's easy to suffer from combat fatigue.

@aral thank you for using! Please let @bmann or me know if you have any issues.

@flancian @bmann Thank you both so much for making it. And will do, thanks again :)

@aral @bmann our pleasure to work on this as time permits! But I have to clarify we only run it :) we took over running it as a service from the original developer. Hopefully we'll ship some features soon; so far we've only reduced the avg time to cross post, it should be about 30s now down from a few minutes.

@flancian @bmann That’s been my experience (~30 secs). Also, seems to be smart about not reposting redrafted posts. Seems to Just Work™ so far :)

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