Ad blocker: visually hides ads. Tracker scripts by ad companies still track you.

Tracker blocker (e.g., actually blocks trackers. Blocks ads as a side-effect as 99% of ads are trackers.

The former is like closing your eyes to make the wolf disappear.

@aral Yes, all this arbitrary loading of scripts is a problem.

I was amazed recently when I switched from the defunct umatrix back to noscript, and noscript conveniently included microsoft and google in its default list of trusted sites for me:

AFAICT, contrary to umatrix which configured custom filters per-site (I could, say, load JS from google only while I'm browsing youtube), noscript's filters seem to apply globally, on any site the browser visits :flan_sad:

@stsp The two no-bullshit tracker blockers I know is the one we make (Better; and uBlock Origin.

AdBlockPlus, for example, is notorious for taking money from folks like Google (who are not blocked). Eyeo maintains that they take money from them because they’re not blocked not that they’re not blocked because they take money from them. (If that sounds like bullshit, well…)

@aral I am running ublock origin as well. Does it make sense to combine it with noscript?

I see now that ublock has a setting to block JS, too (under Settings -> Default Behaviour). I should play around with that for a bit and see if it makes noscript redundant.

@stsp You should be fine with uBlock Origin. And you can also use an automatic translation of the Better rules in EasyList format if you like with uBlock ( It’s best not to combine too many things as more sites will break. E.g., if using the Better rules, I’d say don’t enable other blocking rules except for the malware, crypto-mining ones, etc.

@aral Thanks! I'll give this a shot as soon as I find time for it.

@aral Apple... sigh!!! I have an its not available

@redragdolly uBlock Origin should be available on Android. You should be able to use that. It’s also no bullshit. And you can add the Better blocking rules from to it, if you like (I’d disable all other rules except the malware and crypto mining ones if you’re going to do that so only the Better ones apply so fewer sites break.)

@calculsoberic You can use the rules in uBlock Origin via the EasyList version at (although we can’t do some of the finer things we can with the WebKit Content Blocker rules to ensure some sites don’t break.) If you’re using GNOME Web you can load the WebKit rules in from

@aral Is it still developed, maintained? What lists do you use?

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