w00t! 🤓️🎉️ First successful setup of an Owncast server via Site.js (think: your own single-tenant Twitch) in ~30 seconds using Basil (which is nowhere near ready for use yet).

I plan on demonstrating this live on Thursday’s Small Is Beautiful on independent and ethical video and streaming with Small Tech with special guests @gabek (Owncast) and @heydon (Webbed Briefs, Inclusive Components)

@davidoclubb @gabek @heydon Haha, thanks :) (Although that was the Owncast demo server I was load testing… got the install working after that) ;)

@aral @gabek @heydon Woo, saved to calendar. Looking forward to this! 😊

@tychi You just _might_ be able to make it? I think?

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