Do we need Big Tech to stream video? Our two guests don’t think so…

Laura and I will be talking to Gabe of Owncast (@gabek) and Heydon of Webbed Briefs (@heydon) on today’s Small Is Beautiful.

(And I will attempt to setup and stream to an Owncast server live in under a minute using the Small Web host we’re creating called Basil.)

Watch live at 5PM Irish time:

(Have your cam ready if you want to join in.)

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@aral @gabek @heydon
I guess the question is not if you can but how do you grow? A content creator can easily start it but how fast will he have to dedicate half his time to managing servers?

@7e0b180 @gabek @heydon Two things: First, if “growth” is the goal, you can use every other solution that’s out there in the mainstream :) Second: for their intended use case there should not be any server maintenance involved if these solutions are to be usable by everyday folks. So auto updates, one-click installs, etc. I will demonstrate a very early example of the latter on today’s stream.

@aral @gabek @heydon nice! I hope i can join today. If not I'll watch the recording. But interesting discussion.

I do think growth is something to be considered as deplatforming is real and a great usecase for self hosting.

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