So @laura spent all day yesterday adding a transcript, captions, and links to the sites we mentioned, etc., to the recording of our Small is Beautiful live stream with @heydon and @gabek (as she always does the day after the steam).

Watch/read at

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(And I just saw that my lip sync is still messed up with the Atem Mini Pro. Have to find a better way of handling that as the audio delay doesn’t appear to be constant between the video stream from my Sony a6400 and the line out from the Blue Yeti. Used to be 4 frames of delay on the mixer fixed it… not sure what’s changed…) 🤔

Looks like I’m not the only one experiencing wandering audio sync issue ( Will try updating the firmware if it isn’t already up to date.

@aral @laura @heydon @gabek regarding transcripts: kdenlive 21 can be set up to create subtitles with vosk.

@claudius Thanks, Claudius, good to know. The system @laura uses (I keep forgetting what it’s called) is web-based and far easier though and it still takes a huge amount of time as even the best recognition isn’t perfect and requires human intervention. So we wouldn’t have the time to use a more convoluted one. (The real bottleneck is how simple the interface is for a human being to correct the machine transcripts even when the recognition is really good – and the ones this system produces are.)

@aral @laura Yeah I've read about it the other week. In case there's ever something you don't want to be public (as in uploaded to some service) this might be an OK substitution.

@aral what I do nowadays when I capture from my Fuji camera is plugging a small lavalier microphone to the camera directly, and record voice from there. This avoids having to do A/V sync at all, because the video stream from the camera is already as good as it gets. Of course something like this may not be an option for complicated setups, but sharing the idea in case it helps.

@aperezdc I wish I could do that but the Sony a6400 won’t get clean audio out of the line out of the Yeti (I tried converters, etc.) Otherwise, yes, that’s the ideal solution.

@aral @aperezdc this is one of the reasons I ended up with a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema, can plug my XLR mic straight into it, but if this *is* an OBS issue as the forums suggest it won't help as the audio is supposedly coming out of the ATEM Mini perfectly synced (if the audio delay is configured well)

@flakoot @aperezdc For me it’s an Atem issue: narrowed it down possibly to chroma key being in use and/or drifting sync with transitions / over time… just updated the software. Will do more tests when I get some time.

@flakoot @aperezdc Right, narrowed it down: the sound quality you get from the headphone out is hugely dependent on the electromagnetic interference on your USB power source. Since you have to plug the Yeti into a computer (a USB plug doesn’t work), it depends on how well your computer/USB hub’s shielded. Also, you have to turn the audio input on the camera down all the way (to 1). Found the noise hugely reduced when connected to a MBP. More testing, and a Pi Zero is perfect for it. Will blog :)

@aperezdc @flakoot Thanks. Hopefully it will help some other folks too as it’s an inexpensive solution. The simplicity of the Pi Zero is a huge boon here as the fewer things there are, the quieter it is. Even the cable/adapter used makes a difference. I got very low levels of noise with a Pi4 initially also but that has a screen attached and the Zero is quieter (and my 4 build has a fan, which is a no-go anyway) :)

Planning on recording a video and writing up a blog post today.

@aral @flakoot I'll point this thread out to a friend who works with Sony cameras, I'm sure he will be glad to know about it!

@aperezdc Actually, it looks like it should just work so I wonder if my camera’s mic input is borked :(

@aral oh I noticed this, towards the end of our chat as well, was wondering what's going on 🤔

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