When Twitter, Instagram, etc., tell you they’re “better on the app”, what they mean is that they can farm you better on the app.


An app is a sort of fish bowl: pretty hard to escape.

And the sky (in this case the Net) is not limited to the small circle you can see above you while standing inside it (not mine, but Mao's "frog in the well").

@aral How about Jitsi, which (as far as I know) makes no such claim, but definitely works better in the app?

@stevenson AFAIK Jitsi has an enterprise business model and, like you said, doesn’t make the same claim so apples and oranges :)

@aral It also means they've made the mobile web experience deliberately worse.

@aral of course. In the app they can get access to your contacts "to find people you know, get easy access to sensors (camera, mic, etc), can see all the other apps on your phone, view network status and other connected devices, etc. The mobile web version blocks a majority of that.

@aral #reddit does this as well, I hate it.
No I won't install an app for every website I use, every bank, restaurant or supermarket.

@aral Easy indication for the sites that you don't want to visit... funny enough if there is an F-Droid app for the service then you are probably "better on the app" than in any other way.

It's been a while since I triwd to access Twitter on my phone, but they seem to have made a significant effort to make the website next to impossible to use on a phone (among others by covering half the screen with a banner telling me to get the app, and an account) I guess their claim is true. It's just less friendly advice and more bullying.

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