@aral Related: we create data as an integral part of our mental life. Accordingly, in the US data should be afforded expanded protections under the 5th amendment, for the same reason our thoughts are afforded #privacy. Here's a clip with an articulation of this view by Bryan Ford. (The excellent full video, with Diffie, Syverson, Ford, and Heninger, is at invidious.fdn.fr/watch?v=ix1ad . The clip is taken from Ford's introduction at 16:00).


I find it's more like land in North America, after Europeans arrived there: "you still using that land, can I have it, thanks, you can keep that worthless desert" ... "oh I really need that worthless desert, thanks for lending me that, here's a patch of nothing in return" ... "dude, why do you hate me?"

Most people haven't yet realized how badly they're being screwed over because they have no concept of the kind of deal Big Net is striking with them -- but Big Net does.

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