If you’re developing ethical alternatives to Big Tech, please set aside 50 minutes and watch a talk on experience design that I gave eight years ago. I promise you’ll have a fun time and whatever it is you’re making will be better for it.

@aral there are many things you say that I don't agree with but of this talk every single word is pure gold

@valerauko Thanks. Do you have a list somewhere I can look at? (Of things I say that you don’t agree with?) Should be educational :)

@aral i think it's okay to take big tech's money to make the world even a little better (mozilla, linux fnd etc). that's it.

@valerauko Ah, right. We disagree on that (which is fine). Although I do wish you could see how effective Mozilla’s tacit support of Google (and Silicon Valley in general) is in getting policymakers to treat Google as the good guys (who sometimes make mistakes but, in general, there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with them.) They help keep them socially acceptable. Which is all they need to keep doing what they do. It’s why we can’t regulate them effectively.

@andre Hey, you know me, I’m all about the self promotion. How’d you think I became a billionaire?

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