Just posted an update on the Fund Us page for Small Technology Foundation. A big thank-you to our 86 patrons and to anyone who has donated. Patronage is currently paying half our rent (now we just have to find the other half) :)

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@aral love what you guys do! I can't do much but €3 is something I guess. Also I love how you did the subscription link for updating or canceling a subacription. Does it use a DB on your end? I ask because of EleuthetiaPay. I wanted to have subscriptions someone could cancel without having auth and a DB. Might be cool to chat about it sometime. I'm really curious.

@atrilahiji Hey Atridad, thank you so much, that’s very kind of you.

Re: the patronage page, I’m using the Stripe API directly and not storing anything locally to minimise the data we collect and retain. The link you get to manage your patronage contains the stripe transaction ID and I’m using that to enable the functionality.

The code isn’t generic and needs some cleaning up, but you can see how it works here:



@atrilahiji PS. If you have any thoughts/questions, please free to ask here. Also happy to have a quick chat sometime.

@atrilahiji PPS. I’ve been meaning to generalise and release the Stripe donation component for Site.js but just haven’t had time.

@aral Thanks man! I'll look at making a similar change for EleutheriaPay as I would like to make it usable as a subscription platform. Also definitely fond of the lack of stored user data. I'll let you know if I have any questions!

@atrilahiji Awesome :) Let me know when you do and I’ll help you promote it :)

@atrilahiji PS. I’m just catching up with some of their developer videos today before implement the Stripe integration for Basil (the Small Web hosting platform I’m building) and I saw that they implemented Customer Portal – which might do everything you need with almost no code. (You should be able to implement “pause” functionality using a pricing tier at 0 cost.)


@atrilahiji Also, just saw, they’ve added a pause feature for subscriptions too:

(Looks like everything I had to implement manually/via hacky workarounds now has first-party support within the API.)

@aral oh nice!!! I'll take a look at those. I'm glad they're adding more to their API to make this easier

@aral Short history of computing

B. Gates asked: Want something from me? Either you pay me or you DIY.

Then RMS asked why DIY, why not do it together?

@aral Whoops... guess my follower list didn't get moved over when I made the new instance with my soon-to-be-old last name removed from the domain.

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