G-7 Stock Markets Imply Catastrophic Global Warming of 3°C

“A 3°C world is one in which large parts of the planet will become uninhabitable due to extreme heat, rising sea levels will swallow up coastal cities and rainforests will turn into savannas.”

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@aral The things that worry me the most about climate change are the combination of two things that I've heard too little about:

1) There are a number of tipping points we can (and have) pass(ed). If too many are passed CO2 levels will rise to an unknown maximum no matter what we do.

2) There is a limit to how much CO2 humans can handle in the atmosphere without *dying* from the very air we breathe.

I've been meaning to research this more, but quite frankly I'm scared about what I might find.

@tinyrabbit @aral I don’t worry about (2), because we can live in an office environment with much higher CO₂ concentrations (though these are harmful to mental performance). Most humans will die from wet heat before they die from too much CO₂. (quite reassuring, right? :-/ )

(1) is already pretty horrible, though.

@dajbelshaw @aral I'd be super excited to read any take-aways and thoughts you have from the course, too!

@tinyrabbit @aral

Thanks! I find the Deep Adaptation folk a bit full-on, but then I found FLOSS people full-on when I was first introduced to that, too...

@dajbelshaw @aral The zealots are always the most seen and heard of any movement :D

It scares me for real that the world has made no significant-enough strides towards a fossil free future, and that projections still rely on yet-to-be-invented technology to reach targets even in most optimistic scenarios.

@dajbelshaw @tinyrabbit Not sure that our response to the potential of climate-change-related collapse should be to “1) Return to, or explore afresh, the idea of a divine or a spirit or a consciousness or a God that is prior to the Earth and moves through the Universe right now and forever more.” Are you sure this isn’t some sort of a new age cult?


@aral @tinyrabbit

Yep, there's definitely some fringe religious/spiritual aspects to Deep Adaptation - as there are to the Fediverse ;)

It takes all sorts, and as I get older I'm trying to be less of a zealot than I was when I was younger.

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