The distinction between work and hobbies is an interesting capitalist construct (the former being what you must do to live; the latter, what you’re passionate about and enjoy doing.) Under capitalism, work is what you do to sponsor the hobbies of your bosses.

A bitter truth so well expressed.
What is more unfortunate is that a large section of the exploited will yet deny to confront this truth.

@aral Totally! The protestant work ethic has really formed the base idea that "work" has to, by definition, suck. That you need to suffer if you want to be paid. This can then be used to justify poor working conditions. On the other side it can also justify paying people like artists, terribly, because they actually experience some pleasure in their work.

It also means that one very cool resistance strategy to the whole bad machinery it to practice Savoir Vivre. Those "passionate" corporate folks can buy colorful slides and Foosball tables but they know deep down that their essential activities are joyless. Many of us, not playing the game, are having a lot of fun and looking good doing it!

@aral have you lived in a communist or socialist country?

@Br0m3x @Aral Balkan Yeah not really sure this is exclusive to capitalism. behind iron courtain hobby was that evil western invention taking your focus away from what really was important in life, "building bigger and better nation for all the proletariat united", doing "150% norm" and all that shit.

That said, I have recently decided that I had enough of this concept and decided to quit my job and turn my hobbies and stuff i love doing into something that will put food on my table. Still 2 more weeks of my dayjob to go and I sail on the unknown, uncertain waters :).
@muppeth @aral @Br0m3x "behind iron courtain hobby was that evil western invention" That's the first time I hear that. How do you know that? I had many hobbies in DDR (collecting stamps, horse riding, hiking) , so had my parents (growing cactuesses, bobbin lace...)

:) horse riding... Wow:)))
Did your parents work for government?:)
I collected stamps and cans.:)
@aral @muppeth

@Br0m3x @aral @muppeth: My parents worked as gardeners for semi-private/semi-collective nurseries.
Actually I didn't like the horse riding, at first it was interesting, but there weren't enough horses for all children.
Friends of mine collected cans from the west, there where none in the east. I guess it was a status symbol.
You still have your stamps? Maybe we can swap? =)
@Torsten Torsten I lived a bit more east then DDR, and yeah collecting empty cans from bewerage brought (smuggled) from the other side of the berlin wall was the thing. Surely people had their hobbies it's normal. Situation imo wasn't that much different then non-capitalist states. Only difference was you had replace boss with either prominent party figure, their family firends and pretty much anyone higher then you on the ladder.

@Br0m3x @aral true communism has never been implemented at country scale

Those who have implemented #communism always created hell on Earth.
Amazing, even after #WWII #French "intelligentsia", bunch of bon vivants loved #communism and tried to poison others with this idea.
They "created" for instance #PolPot. He and his French educated communist friends killed almost 1/4 population of Cambodia.
Have you ever been to Phnom Penh?
If not go there and visit Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. You will see #French influenced communism.

@Br0m3x @aral
My point was that those who claimed to be communists were not. They were just tyrants that draped themselves in whatever ideology allowed them to do what they wanted.

@Br0m3x @daweasel @aral one must be really ignorant to saying that pol pot was communist while he received help from the usa

@Br0m3x 😂 😂 dude pol pot was born a year after the death of lenin @daweasel @aral

@frankie95 @daweasel @aral and?
Please do not try to teach me about Lenin and communism;) I was forced to learn about it.:)

@Br0m3x dude you already proved you know nothing about #communism when you said that pol pot was communist or referring to #lenin when talking about pol pot when lenin died one year before pol pot was born @daweasel @aral

@Br0m3x I'm sorry to hear that you were forced to do so. I suppose that you lived in a country that claimed to be communist ?! If so, please consider that it is possible that communism have multiple definitions and you may have experienced something different of what today's communists dream. @frankie95 @aral

For example : no real communist would argue that worshipping god should be replaced with worshipping one man. Therefore, you can see that examples of so called "communism" you may be thinking of are just falling into that category.
@frankie95 @aral

@Br0m3x Because if you criticise capitalism you must be a communist, right? How are the 1950s doing today? Spoken to McCarthy recently?

Did I say that? I only asked you if you ever lived in a communist country?
If you heard about McCarthy you're probably aware that after WWII in many western countries "communism" was a hype like nowadays. It's a common thing in times of struggle.

@Br0m3x @aral: I lived in DDR, a self proclaimed socialist country till 1990, and @aral's thesis about the difference between work and hobby being a capitalist construction makes total sense to me.

@aral The concept of a hobby is a construct of prosperity. There have always been things you had to do to survive. In a society with high inequality, part of that involves financing the hobbies of those you have to pay ransom to: the king, the pope, the knight, the landowner, the neighborhood gang.

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