“our customers are able to stitch historical anonymous data to 95% of their converted users–this is even in the last few weeks after all the Apple device and browser privacy updates.”


Fuck these people.

@aral This is kinda funny.

1. Move cookies into URLs
2. Stitch other IDs with the URL ID

It's basically reusing the old techniques for crossdevice, but on weaker signals.

@aral Also 95% is awful.

It's 95% of single-session if the user does something identifiable. You don't get previous sessions of that user, and the majority of users don't convert.

We left the era of single-channel attribution a long time ago, you want to be able to combine display, ppc, email, into a single funnel. This does not do that.


@Eden So you’re saying he’s just a garden-variety douchebag?

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@aral Basically, yes. He's bragging that it's a lot more significant than it is.

When I left marketing, the pitch I was trying to get through to companies is that user identification is now a deal you strike with the user.

Make your website worth logging into, so that users are trading their privacy for features.

Marketers would rather do *this*. It barely works, and it's just about tricking the client

@aral I've talked about this a few times, but the traditional ways of doing this have always been stitching together IDs across multiple areas.

What was common was using third and first party IDs as a master key, so that if both IDs changed at different times you could keep tracking the user.

Or emailing a user a link with their user id embedded in it worked well, because you can then tie that session to an actual person, worked well for cross device.

@aral The more nefarious fingerprinting never seemed to take off with anyone I worked with, I think everyone just saw it as a bit weird and a PR issue.

Then a lot more apps took off because the Android ID could be nabbed fairly easily. I wonder if companies will stop bothering with apps now that that ID is harder to use for marketing.

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