Hungary passes law banning LGBT content in schools or kids’ TV

Hungary is still an EU country.

(This is just about human rights after all, it’s not like they threatened the Single Market or anything.)

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@aral It’s not only schools or kids’ TV. Even in the justification section of the law, it says it regulates all TV programs (regardless whether they are specifically targeted towards kids) to have an R rating added if they feature any representation of LGBTQ identities. The actual normative text contains an amendment to the family protection law that bans making any content available to children that depicts LGBTQ identities. The amendment inserts verbiage after a paragraph in the law that speaks about media providers, but doesn’t explicitly refer to the media in itself. Arguably, it could even be used to ban any public displays or demonstrations (like Pride) with the reasoning that some children might be in public spaces at the time.

The ban on representing LGBTQ identities in schools is implemented as a state registry of sex educators, so any sex ed in schools is a misdemeanor, unless specifically approved by the state. There are some concerns whether the state is going to approve any non-religious sex ed at all.

Here is the full text of the law: It’s in Hungarian, though, and for some reason, it didn’t load over VPN for me, so it might be restricted to Hungarian IPs. Here’s the family protection law it modifies, also in Hungarian:

By the way, the UK was an EU member since 1973 (and left in 2020), yet Section 28 was in effect from 1988 to 2003. #EuropeanValues indeed.

You're in the UK right?

Not than anyone should be shamed for having an opinion on something happening anywhere.

@SylvainDe Ireland, but yes, it isn’t about national pride but human rights :)

Seems quieter right now but just in case, stay safe.

And about human rights, I agree. I'm French and I was surprised to see how much some people are still insisting on imposing their way of life and beliefs on others during "Mariage pour tous". Even here and even in some influancial medias. I hope we'll get to keep church and state distinct.

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