On a personal note, I’d really appreciate it if you could tune in today at 5PM Irish time to Small Is Beautiful and let us know how the stream is for you (quality, buffering, etc.) as we’re moving to Owncast and your feedback will help us tweak the settings if necessary :)

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@aral are you folk scaling bandwidth/delivery via S3 bucket or something similar? How are you handling bandwidth load? I am super curious

@voltur Today, we’re going to try it without remote storage on a small VPS server (2 cores, 2GB memory, 40GB) and see how we go.

I’ve got it configured to passthrough the video from Streamyard as is (1920 × 1080 @ 30fps) so the CPU won’t be doing any transcoding.

Based on how we go, we might tweak things next time :)

@aral it's the first time I can join after coming back from a 6-month month stay in Senegal, looking forward to it.

@aral I have previously been able to view & listen but today had no sound and only a new still pic every few seconds.

@michaelgraaf Sorry to hear it. May I ask where you were connecting form and what your connection speed was like. This will help us optimise the stream in the future :)

@aral Cape Town, South Africa; nominal speed 20 Mb/s but somewhat variable (upwards and downwards, but more often down). I'm comforted by knowing I can soon watch the recording, though!

@michaelgraaf Hmm, that should have been more than enough bandwidth… I wonder if the server location was an issue. I’ll be running tests using remote storage and edge nodes also.

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